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Naples Wedding Catering by Friscos is owned and operated by brothers Bruce and Eric Waligora.  With  combined 30 years in the hospitality industry, the Brothers offer their  clients a level of expertise crucial to making any event a success.   Their knowledge of every aspect of your event will put you at ease.   From menu conception to 'day of' event operations, their expert  staff will be there to cater to your every need.  They can provide  servers, bartenders, and culinary personnel.  From super affordable to  extravagant, they've got all of your catering needs covered.  From  appetizers to cakes, they will customize your menu to your needs or you  can choose from one of the preplanned menus.  Buffet service or full  service sit down is available for whatever menu you decide on.  Trust  them help make your special day truly memorable.  Naples Catering at it's best!

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A Naples Catering Event

The Perfect Event

 We  are often asked how to make a perfect event.  Like a well prepared  dish, there are many items that make a well executed event.  And just as  any recipe, there are many way to execute this.  This is just our  way.  Here is the list:

1.   Venue:  This is the ideal starting point.  Dates can move and vendors  can interchange, but the perfect venue for many is something that is  incomparable.  If there is one thing that should remain constant it is  your venue.

2.   Date:  This is something that seems simple, but the date is something  that must factor many considerations.  First and foremost is your  schedule.  Making sure it's a good time for you is very important.  Next  is to make sure that your date does not conflict with the schedule of a  majority of guests.  This could effect the final head count  drastically. 

3.   Vendors:  You need to select trusted and reputable vendors to execute  your event.  Look at review sites, but most important is the word of  mouth from family, friends, and colleagues.  In addition, it is  important to have a fall back for each vendor.  Some vendors may be  booked up for your date.  A good vendor will usually suggest another  company for you to call in case they aren't able to work with you.  Here  in Naples Florida we are never hard pressed to suggest another  caterer.  We are luckily to have so many great companies for clients to  choose from.  

4.   Budget:  Finally your budget is what will ultimately guide you to on  decide on venue, date, and vendors.  Our advice is to always make sure  you do not over extend yourself on budget.  You can always reach us at  (239) 784-1705 for planning your future event. Naples Catering at it's best! You can also reach us at

Our Chefs Serving Classic Italian Menu- a Naples Catering Exclusive Caterer

Our Chefs Serving Classic Italian Menu- a Naples Catering Exclusive Caterer

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